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STG hopes you find that our organization has a solid, proven track record of completing projects on time, within budget, and providing client satisfaction second to none. We have developed a team that works well together, helps balance each others strengths and provides the necessary support required to complete projects at high efficiency levels. Our goal and commitment is to provide your organization with complete satisfaction throughout our team building process and deliver your projects as promised.

Thank you for taking the time to review our qualifications and we look forward to having the opportunity to assist you with your future retail or commercial projects. Click here to contact STG Contracting Group, Inc. now.

Construction Services

General Contracting

Providing General Contracting services for commercial construction projects is the foundation of how STG began. Utilizing our database of personal clients and showcasing our ability to complete any size project within the specified guidelines has allowed STG to become a reputable contractor throughout the state of Florida. We have a proven track record for successfully completing various types of construction projects from large educational facilities to complex interior renovations of occupied spaces. Our ability to identify the deliverables of a project in a detailed manner, develop a team that will meet the specific needs of the project, and executive each of those deliverables project after project is what defines STG to be the General Contractor of choice.

Construction Management

STG can provide Construction Management services for our clients from the start of the initial design phase of their project or after the contract documents have been completed. We will work closely with the design team and assist them in providing knowledge of the best constructability practices available to minimize excessive costs and maximize schedule efficiency. We have a proven history of developing Guaranteed Maximum Price proposals and staying within budget when getting involved with projects as early as a 35% design submittal. Our ability to provide accurate, detailed estimates to our clients provides them with a comfort level of knowing they have a Construction Manager providing services with their best interests in mind.


The officers of STG have built quality relationships with numerous architects and engineers with experience in various aspects of the construction industry. Having these relationships allows us to evaluate what the best design team structure will be to meet the client’s needs. Once we determine what design team we will utilize on a project we assign our preconstruction personnel to work with the owners and design team to develop the documents required to execute the deliverables. Throughout the design process we will continue to monitor market value of materials and availability of products and forecast what opportunities may be available so that once the design is completed we will meet the established budget without compromising the integrity of the project.


The officers of STG are committed to practicing sustainable construction techniques on all of our projects, not just projects implementing a specific LEED® certification. We develop construction waste management plans on all of our projects and we strive to provide the highest level of Green products available with the specifications provided. Having LEED® AP’s in house provides our clients with a convenient tool during the design phase of a project, and reassurance during the construction of a project that they have a team knowledgeable in sustainable design and construction and that their LEED® goals will be met.

Preconstruction Services

Design Phase Budgeting & Value Engineering

STG Contracting Group, Inc. can work with its clients long before the drawings are completed, provide budget pricing based on their conceptual designs, and offer our expertise in what potential costs savings may be available. Our ability to assist a client early in their construction project provides them with an invaluable tool to starting the project off in the most economical manner possible. From understanding the current market value of products, forecasting values for when products would be procured, and working to understand the exact needs of what our clients are looking for is what makes STG accurate and efficient at preparing budgets for our clients.

Schedule Development

STG Contracting Group, Inc. utilizes the Critical Path Method (CPM) approach to scheduling our projects, using Primavera Project Planner P3 or Microsoft Project 2010. Our approach to scheduling begins long before the first shovel is in the ground. Immediately after we have been contracted on a project we conduct an overview of the project requirements, time allotted to complete the project, and identifying any specialized work that may be required for the specific project. Once this criteria has been reviewed, a detailed activity log of the projects scope requirements is developed and we begin linking them into their correct logic. During this process an extensive review and coordination study is conducted to insure that the logic created provides the most accurate and efficient construction sequence available.

After a schedule has been developed, the schedule can only be as accurate as the user; this is why our project team updates our schedules on a weekly basis. We conduct weekly coordination meetings and provide (4) week outlooks to assist in procurement of short term materials and equipment. This also allows for accurate weekly coordination of each trades’ installations and minimizes inefficient work practices.

STG Contracting Group, Inc. produces all schedules in house, providing another value saving opportunity for our clients. We have extensive experience scheduling commercial construction projects inclusive of fast-track projects, renovations to occupied spaces and multi-phased projects. Our schedules can be cost loaded and utilized to track specific resources assigned to a specific project.

Elegant Abstract Background

“We shape our buildings- thereafter, they shape us.”

 - Winston Churchill

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